Keeping track of your progress

All you need to do to use WordKeeperAlpha and keep track of your writing progress is use the Update widget in the top-left-hand corner.

Simply enter the number of words you've written in the "Words Written" box.

Enter the date. Don't worry, there's a handy drop down. Now might be a good time to mention the site will NOT work well without javascript. Just FYI.

If you've set up any projects, select one from the drop down list to attribute your word count to it.

Need a quick word count? Click on the "Count Words" button to access a modal with a text box. Copy and paste your words into it (Don't worry, I don't save your words, just count them) then click OK. Your words will automatically be counted and put into the Words Written box.

Click Log words and you're done!

Edit or Delete your Word Records.

Make a mistake? Just trying things out and want to undo your experiments? No problem!

Just go to the Goals and Projects page and look for the Word Logs section (the red box). Click the button on the right to expand the section.

If you want to Edit a record, click on Edit, make your changes and then click "Save". Or click Cancel and everything will be as it was.

To Delete a record, click on the Delete link, then click Yes on the pop up (If your browser asks, allow pop ups from Don't worry, you can trust me. Careful though, once you delete a record its gone. Poof. No more.

This is a brand new addition. If anything doesn't work right, hit CNTL-F5 and clear your cache. If you notice any bugs, please let me know.

Create and track your goals

Set goals and track your progress.

To see your goals, go to the Goals page.

General Tips

Tip: There must be a Name. This is required.

Tip: There must be a Start Date. This is required.

Tip: There must be a Word Goal. This is required.

Tip: When you select a project on a goal, only word counts that you attribute to that project will count toward it.

If no project is selected, all word counts will count toward the goal.

Goal Page Goal List Goal Details

Create a one time goal.

No real trick, here. Fill out the Word Goal, Goal Name, select a Project, if you want.

Fill out the start date. The End Date is optional, and will give you and expected Word Count per day.

Click Add Goal and you're done! The goal will show up in the list on the left.

Goal Create One Time

Create a repeating goal.

To set up a goal that repeats on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly schedule, you'll need to fill out the Goal Name, Word Goal and select one of the options in the "Every" dropdown.

Rinse and repeat.

Goal Step 3

Edit your goals.

Click on a goal in the goal list. It's details will appear on the right.

Change what needs changing.

Click "Update Goal".

To clear the active Goal click cancel. If you didn't click on "Update" this will cancel any changes that you made.

Edit your goals

Delete a Goal.

Simply click the red 'Delete' button in the Goal Details area. You will be asked to confirm if you want to remove the goal.

Once a goal has been removed, it can not be recovered. You can create one to replace it though.

Goal Step 5

Start a project (or three)

Create projects to track how you write.

Are you writing a novel? A short story? Projects can let you track the writing you do on it. They can also tell you how many words you need to write a day to finish on time, as well as other useful statistics.

When you enter in your word counts, simply select a project from the drop down to attribute your writing to it.

You can view your Projects, and related statistics by going to the Projects page.

Word Log Section Project List Project Details

Adding A Project

Tip: There must be a Name. This is required.

Tip: Word Goal is optional. Want to track how much you write on your blog? Leave this blank.

Tip: Start Date and Due Date are optional. Filling these out will give you stats on how much you need to write per day to get done on time.

Project Step 1

Edit Projects

Select a project from the list on the Left. Change what you want. Click on Update Project.

Project List

Remove Projects.

Once you're finished with a project you can do two things. The first is to Complete it. Completing a project moves it from an Active status to inactive. This means that the Project continues existing, but you won't see it show up in the Word Log drop down. It'll also show up in your historical graphs.

To complete a project. Click Finish Project

The other option is Deleting a project. This will completely remove it from the system. It's gone. Poof. You can't undo this. I can't undo it. Be very sure you want the project gone. All the Word Logs attributed to the Project will continue to exist, but the reference to the Project will be gone.

To Delete a Project, click Delete Project (natch)