Write. Every. Day.

Writing is hard. Whether you're writing a novel, a short story or a blog you need to keep on task or it'll never get done. That's what WordKeeperAlpha is all about: setting goals and keeping them.

With WordKeeper you can set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly writing goals and see your progress. You can get an idea for how much you write and encourage yourself to write more. Connect with your friends on WordKeeper and let them encourage you.

The main page shows graphs of your writing over time and by project. There are several different graphs for you to use, check them out and see which one is the most useful for you.

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Track Your Progress

WordKeeperAlpha gives you valuable data about your writing habits to help you write more, more consistantly. Use the statistics to help you do better.

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Create Goals to motivate you to write more, more consistantly.

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Create projects to track where you're directing your efforts and if you are on goal to meet your due date.

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